My Life as a 7th Grader

When I first arrived in August, I expected there to be more fun projects. I thought that there would be more movie making, crafting, trips, presentations, all the interesting stuff.
But soon I realized that there were barely any kinds of projects. All we did was read class books, study, and no projects!
By October my life was was almost dead. I couldn’t stand it I was screaming in the inside whole my TX teacher was talking about cotton. I wanted to put some effects in my projects. Put some boom, bang, slap, eeeeugg! Etc. monsters, ghosts, pranks, random stuff, maybe even some Michael Bay stuff!
Eventually I figured out that 7 grade a whole step further into boringness!
In seventh grade, I learned how to write better, a little more about history, cause I didn’t sleep in the middle of class usually.
As the year comes to an end I am thinking about what I’m gonna do in the summer. I am thinking about inviting friends over and playing hunger games with them at my house, Swimming, going back to Korea, and staying there. (I know someone that might like that!)
If I had to do it over again I would ask to do more Movies and presentations.
My advice to the next year seventh graders: “Sit down, shut up, and listen!”

The Dream 5

Last night I had an interesting dream… It was not like my usual dreams. I was in a empty store, a super market. It was trashed! Peanut butter jars were all over the floor of the aisles, carts were nocked over, everything was ruined! I walked over some weird looking bag of apples and ……. All of a sudden! All the carts melted! It was like the carts where in a 208274848272839 degrees weather. They all went I front of me in their liquid form. Red and sliver slide over the tiles, over junk and jam jars. Then, they forged into eachother. The carts where expanding and growing bigger. The blobs of silver and red where mixing together into a car! I saw wheels forming then a trunk, a top, windows then a motor! Then, it was a truck! Swirling alive with red and silver. The car surged forward with out warning! I dash the other direction with all the energy I had! I dashed past bread, olives, cereal boxes, and sour patch kid bags! I heard the car gaining speed. RRRRRRRRR! Then oddly I heard faintly back there……meow!

Then all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder like 10 tiny knifes stabbing my shoulder! I turned around just in time to see what it was before it scratched me again! I tiny kitten! Was clawing at my face! Then, I felt another sharp jab lower on my back! It was another cat! Where were the animals coming from? I turned a round and saw that the car had a catapult formed on top of the car; and there were cats in the car! Where did they come from? Like it mattered! I was running from a car in a giant super mar— what? There was carpet underneath me. Then, OOOFF! I fell over something! I landed in a chair and a some vase hit the back of my head! I got up, getting ready to dash when I realized. The car was gone! I stood up and noticed all the rows of never ending desks. All with computers and rolling chairs with papers stacked on them. I saw a bathroom entrance. I was in a office! I walked around checking my surroundings, just in case—meow!

It wasn’t the truck. Trucks don’t purr, I think. Oh come on! I forgot that the cats were on my back! Maybe I didn’t noticed them cause I was too shocked to find myself teleported in an office building all of a sudden! I shaked the cats off of my back furiously! The both of the kittens fell. I backed away! The cats started growling then all of a sudden! The eyes shone bright yellow! The lights stated flickering on and off. The cats’ sides were stretching towards each other! I started backing away faster. I already knew that something bad was about to happen. Cause it happens in all of my nights. The cats started combining like the carts back at the market! The cats heads shrunk inside of the furry blob of cat. The blob was expanding, growing bigger! I was running! My legs were moving so fast that you couldn’t see them! I turned my head around to see what was going on! The cat wasn’t there! That was strange. I ran into the stairway door and the lights went out!

Pitch black, couldn’t see a thing something fell on my head! I fell to the floor rubbing my head. It hurt. I picked it up and traced the shape of the object. It was a flash light, perfect! I flicked it on and screamed! A giant six legged cat that had a head so terrifying that you would pass out on the spot! It had four blazing eyes 2 on top of 2! The nose had three slits and had TWO mouths full of misshaped daggers! I swung the door open and jumped every 5 steps down ward. After a few seconds of head start, the door erupted and pieces of the building flew everywhere I ran with all my might down. And opened a office floor and ran! The cat crashed throughout the ceiling behind me! It’s six legs moving rapidly! It was gaining in me faster then the truck! I could hear its breathing right behind me! Then I made a choice. You know, I don’t want to die by being eaten by a mutant cat! So I quickly at the last second! Took a turn to the left. I heard the cat slip and take a turn as well, and I charged towards the window.

My favorite poem

How much do I love Cattle?
– A lame Poem
by Ummy
I get on with life as a Rich Man,
I’m a Desperate kinda person.
I like Riding a horse on Sundays,
I like Playing with my puppies in the week.
I like to contemplate Cowboy Hats.
But when I start to daydream,
My mind turns straight to Cattle.

Boom boom shake da boom-boom-boom!

Sometimes I look at myself and I look into my eyes,
I notice the way I think about Cattle with a smile,
Curved lips I just can’t disguise.
But I think it’s Cowboy Hats making my life worthwhile.
Why is it so hard for me to decide which I love more?
Cowboy Hats or…
Cattle?I like to use words like ‘Wakakaka!,’
I like to use words like ‘Ringdingding.’
I like to use words about Cowboy Hats.
But when I stop my talking,
My mind turns straight to Cattle.
Not even caring about the cow’s death
I just laugh and scroll through the stash of cash

Boom boom shake da boom-boom-boom!

Sometimes I look at myself and I look into my eyes,
I notice the way I think about Cattle with a smile,
Curved lips I just can’t disguise.
But I think it’s Cowboy Hats making my life worthwhile.
Why is it so hard for me to decide which I love more?
Cowboy Hats or…
Cattle?I like to hang out with Ummy,
I like to kick back with Papa Um,
But when left alone,
My mind turns straight to Cattle.

Boom boom shake da boom-boom-boom!

Sometimes I look at myself and I look into my eyes,
I notice the way I think about Cattle with a smile,
Curved lips I just can’t disguise.
But I think it’s Cowboy Hats making my life worthwhile.
Why is it so hard for me to decide which I love more?
Cowboy Hats or…
Cattle?I’m not too fond of Snakes,
I really hate Rustlers,


But I just think back to Cattle,
And I’m happy once again.

Boom boom shake da boom-boom-boom!


Legos were my favorite toy from my little boy childhood. Cause I loved to click them together and build the weirdest things ever! I enjoy to take the final thing and throw it down the stairs, watching all the prices flying every where! I like to color them and draw designs on the blocks, characters, and accessories. Sadly my parents got sick of me not coming out to eat, so they hid the Legos somewhere far far away!



Korea is a great place too visit! First of all I noticed the freedom there! You get to walk out of the house whenever you like to and get to walk alone! The food there is great and will make you fall onto the floor (Depending on your point of view). The architecture there is amazing! It will make your jaw drop off. (Completly!) The prices are great and have very high quality!

The food. Aaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh! D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!!!!!!! Especially the live octopus! You can buy live octopus and restaurants and eat them while they move in your mouth! The meat is freshly grilled on a X heated rock and is thrown into you’re mouth by the chef!

The buildings are extroudinary! They are all made different shapes and sizes! The windows are bizarre patterns on the buildings! The designs inside the apartments are amazing! When I went to Korea, the walls had a nice smooth white texture! It was like the future in the building!

Impressed? I thought so! So go spend a few 1000 dollars on tickets to Korea! I’m telling you! It will be worth it!


The Dream 4

Last night I had a crazy dream when I was in the desert. Alone. Very little grass. The sun was baking me! Sweat sprinkling out of my arms from the heat! Wishing there was something to drink! I was just walking, not doing anything. Then after which seemed like forever from walking…. A HUGE brown rabbit! All of a sudden pops out from the earth! And charges towards me! I instantly dashed the other direction! I didn’t even have any emotions! That’s what it’s like for most dreams right? The rabbit lunged at me and I jumped too! I started flying! Weirdly! I was swimming in the air! Huh? Is that normal? I guess! I turned around to see if the rabbit was chasing me. What in the world!?! The rabbit was no longer a rabbit! It was changing! The half-rabbit half-blob, mushy and gooy. The thing started sprouting wings! The fur was shrinking back into its body or sides. Then a gigantic raven’s head bursted out of the mushy rabbits forehead! And the rest of the rabbits head shrunk back into the body! Jet black feathers started growing all over the body! Legs thick as tree trunks popped out from the bottom where the hind legs of the rabbit’s was! A long feathered even tail started expanding out of the back! A OMEGA RAVEN was flying after me in the air! I was getting really thirsty! As I was swimming in the air I saw that the bird was gaining! I started free styling! aaaaaagggghhhh! I’m gonna die! The birds beak opened! I was going towards inside the mouth of the beast! I frantically tried to escape! The two ends of the beak snapped down………and it was pitch black! I could not see anything! I thought to myself,” Am I dead? What! no this is a dream! Wait a second! Nooooooooooo!” I was in the Thing’s mouth! Then I felt the tounge! Dry and scratchy! Pushing me back into the monster’s throat! Then I felt the pressure of two sides of the throat squeeze me down. I tried desperately to fly out, but it was too late! I was already down the esophagus into stomach! I landed on a weird hard rock with graphite on it! The stomach! Wow! An amazing sight! The digestive juice was crystal clear purple, and there were dinosaurs and fish swimming around! Oak trees sprung out upside down from the top! Dogs with WINGS instead of legs somehow, gliding around, barking at each other! A piano was on the wall white and shiny, playing Mozart by itself! And every time a key was pressed down a yellow baby bird flew out of a tube on the side of the paino! The walls were light blue and ……. A drink! A white cup with a straw on the other side of the wall where the piano was, waiting for me on a wooden stool! Strangely the rock I was on accelerated toward the drink! After a while of exploring the wonders of the stomach, the rock finally made it to the side of the wall. I looked up where the stool and drink was! My mouth filling up with saliva! I was about to take a step on the wall when the stone I was on rose! I looked down wondering what it was doing! The rock, was not a rock! A tail whipped up from behind! Then, a head popped up from the depths! A long wrinkly green neck with a snapper! I was riding a giant turtle the entire time! The turtles head turned around at me and smiled! A nice, warm, safe smile! Then it turned towards the wall and lifted its right leg! It put the leg on the blue wall and then the other! I was hanging onto the turtles shell hoping that he didn’t knock me off! But, I knew that it would not knock me off because he seemed greeting and jolly! Then all of a sudden the hind legs of the reptile launched into the air! Then, the course of gravity changed! I was on the wall, on the turtle’s back, in the Thing’s stomach, in the desert, in my dream! It was Inception! Then I hopped off of the turtle’s back onto the blue “floor” and waved at the turtle! The reptile nodded at me and jumped into the “wall” and swam away! I turned around and Aaaahhhhhhh….. The drink! I dashed towards the stool. The closer I got the more thirster was! I was about to grab the drink then! The stool moved! The stools legs dashed away towards the trees! I dashed after the stool! “Why!” I thought, “Why does there always have to be a plot!” Then I felt a nudge of the bottom of my butt and was flung into the air!

Then I woke up.

Expository Writing: Falling

Aaaghhhh….. The wind….. Cool…. Against my face. The mountains are beautiful! I’m going towards them… Fast! Hugh? Oh No!!!! Nononononono! Agh. Splat! Urugagauyyy! Falling can be harmful sometimes!

You never know what could happen when you fall. For example people like to fall off of a cliff into the lake or ocean thinking that they’ll be safe. But, they don’t no that there are electric eels under neath the dark murky water. The first falls in. Smiling. Their butt landing at the bottom. And…. Aaaassagggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Munch. Munch. Zap. Zap! It’s sad to fall once in awhile.

Things can happen when you fall. Interesting things…. Also another reason it could be harmful is that your falling from an plane. 3000 meters in the air. And you expect that you’re going to land right on the trampoline under neath your feet, But! The wind gets tooooo strong and you get winded away! Then all of a sudden your in a nuclear bomb testing section, Section L! Your falling! Screaming like a girl! Gun shots going past you rapidly, bombs exploding under your feet! You turn your head! Towards the trampoline 500 meters way. Seeing your friends landing screaming at you, “Come baaack” and you see that one person AKA Mrs. Schoch that hates you like, “yyyyyyeeeeeessss!!!!!”
All of a sudden. A pineapple,from heavens rainbow and shining! Rocketing towards your face! Strike you in the eyes and nocks you out. Sometimes thing do not work out the way you want them to be. So my advise? If you fall? Fall in your pool.

The Dream 3

Last night I had a crazy dream when I was on vacation at the beach of Florida by myself, sitting in a beach chair, with the sun over my head. The water splashed silently and would go up on the sand then get absorbed soundless in the bright, smooth, brown sand underneath my feet. Behind me was the mountains with palm trees sprouting out of them! The birds flew over my head and squawked at each other. I closed my eyes, smiled, laid back in my chair, enjoying the peace, and relaxed. Then after a few seconds, I became thirsty. I opened my eyes to get my watermelon smoothie sitting on the stool beside me, expecting to see the bright friendly sun smiling back at me. But, there was no sun! It was PITCH BLACK! I could not see anything! Then, I noticed something stranger! I was standing up! I was laying down on the chair a few minutes ago?!? I walked around, my arms raised up, trying to feel something ( If there was! ) There was! A wall, it felt rusty when I rubbed my hands against the cold, dry, crackling wall. I traced my hands against the wall following wherever it would end. Then, I felt a corner I walked faster wondering if the walls would lead me somewhere. I felt another wall. Then, another. Then, another, another, another, another, another, another. THEN! I realized! How could I have been so stupid!?!?! I was in a iron cube!!! I quickly looked around against the walls for an exit! I traced my hands all over the wall trying to feel for a door! After a few moments of going around in squares, no luck! I banged against the walls and screamed! A loud, sickening, eardrum splitting, shriek of rage! I DASHED towards a random wall, collided against the sheet of rust…and came out of the box! The wall was like a thin sheet of jello, as if it had been just replaced the rust like magic! I couldn’t breath while I was going past the magic gel of metal. The first thing I did when my head slid out of the cube was gasp! I could feel the fresh ocean salt air go down my throat, into my lungs! Refilling me with energy!
As I pulled the rest of my body out, I noticed something terrifying! I was not on in Florida! I was stranded on an tiny island, with only one palm tree on it, in the middle of the ocean!!! ( At least there was an sun!) I ran around the cube looking for my watermelon smoothie! I really wanted that drink! I don’t know why. But, I really did! I reached, and searched. But, didn’t find it! I was even more enraged! More than I was in the box! I looked up at the sky and screamed, a goose bump sprouting, head shattering, emo, Earth shattering shriek! The water around the island erupted! HUGE waves of salt water streaked high into the sky and pushed with omega amounts of force away from the island! and as quick as it started! The water returned to its calm place in the ocean.

I was breathing heavily, my eyes wide, drool pouring out of my mouth! I was going to dehydrate! I got up, my feet shaking! I looked across the endless, sparkling water. Then, I realized… I was not going to get my smoothie back. I started crying. I leaned against the side of the cube and let the fat drops of liquid drop out of my eyes and let them soak the bright brown sand at my toes. I whispered, “Please!”. Then, a shriek! from behind me! HOPE! A HOPE! I turned around and looked up and saw a silhouette of and giant..

Then I woke up!

The Dream 2

Last night I had a dream when I was on a tricycle, riding down a steep road in a city. It was quiet and empty. I was pretty sure that nobody was there with me. I was covered by the shadows of the tall dark skyscrapers reaching for the sky. The sun was shining bright. All of the lights where off in all of the buildings. Then, all of a sudden I was accelerating faster and faster! I yelled out feeling like nothing could stop me! I heard my yell echo. I felt the impact of the wind against my face. I saw the towers fly past me with great speed! I looked straight ahead. It seemed as if the road was down hill forever! THEN, there it was. So terrifying, so horrid, so! Let’s just say bad news. A ripped out, wrinkled newspaper article. It FLEW past me in a snap! I turned my head around to get a better look at it! I saw nothing. “Whoooo!” I let out. As I turned my head around I was thinking, “I wasn’t real. I’m alone. In the city. Nobodies hear. I’m enjoying my dream. Feeling the wind aga- IT WAS REAL! I finally turned my head 65 degrees around and saw a giant armored van heading my way! I wasn’t alone! Behind the van was a city square shopping center! With more cars driving around and people! “Where did they come from?” I thought. The van was 100 feet away from me! It was heading towards me and I was heading towards it! I was not surprised that there was a van there all of a sudden somehow and let myself collide with the vehicle! I felt nothing during the impact! I was nocked out of my precious tricycle, flew over the truck, and landed on the road! I was rolling and rolling! It seemed as if it would never end! Every thing was going in circles! It was like every thing was getting sucked into a vortex! Then…. another car hit me and I flew into the air again! I looked back at the car to yell, Are you Texting!?!? But, noticed that it was the same van! I was puzzled. How would the same car hit me twice if it headed straight uphill? There was no other roads up the hill! I turned around in mid air and saw that I was about to crash into a H-E-B window! I put my head down shut my eyes and shattered the window! Again, I felt nothing! I went through the window and landed on top of a fruit pile! Miraculously nobody noticed me! As I tried to get up I felt like that I was loosing weight fast! I looked down confused and noticed I was not on the floor! I was rising upward to the ceiling! I was flying! I tried to move but I wouldn’t! I kicked my legs back and fourth. Still not going any where. Bang! I looked up and saw that I hit the ceiling with my head! I waved my arms. Whoosh! I flew straight up through the ceiling of the H-E-B! Nobody noticed me even if the parts of the building fell on there heads! They just kept on walking picking up food! As I flew up I noticed that the H-E-B was part of a building! I saw an school on the second floor, a wrestling ring where two guys were fighting and there was a huge crowd around them screaming on the third floor, on the 4 floor there was a room full of piles of Candy, etc. finally after I’m pretty sure the 193748474 floor, I flew out of the building! I was blinded by light! Up, up, and up I went! I saw below me the entire city! The first thing that I noticed was that giant city was in the middle of nowhere! I saw a huge circle of buildings and a tiny road coming out of it that went up hill forever. I started sweating. Then I realized I was still going up! I waved my arms and rocketed straight towards the square! The wind hit my body with such force that it ripped my shirt off! I was blind! I couldn’t see anything! I waved my arms again trying to make me stop! But, it didn’t work! I flapped my arms again. I was scared I was going to die again! I shut my eyes and waited for the impact that would wake me up! SLAM!!! I landed on the road! Next to the square! On my back. Not dead! I was exceedingly surprised! I was still asleep! I got up and noticed that I didn’t even make a mark on the concrete! The city was empty again, just like that! As I was looking down at the road I heard a roar! I turned around scared. There it was again. The VAN! 100 feet away. Covered in armor! Windows black. So you couldn’t see who was inside. I screamed. The van switched to drive and went head on! I turned around ready to run more my life and saw a motorcycle waiting there for me!

Then I woke up

I am from poem

I am from the pool.
From pencil and paper.
I am from the 2 story house that makes you feel safe when you walk in.
I am from the plant in the living room that I have depended on for me to breathe for three years.
The oak trees whose long gone limbs I remember as if they were my own.
I am from brown hair from sister and grandma.
I’m from swimming and working outside and playing with my dog.
I’m from Freddy Kruger and Santa and Frosty The Snow Man.
I’m from Austin and Asia.
Pizza and sushi.
From breaking an arm when a child holding a coin on the wall.