The Dream 3

Last night I had a crazy dream when I was on vacation at the beach of Florida by myself, sitting in a beach chair, with the sun over my head. The water splashed silently and would go up on the sand then get absorbed soundless in the bright, smooth, brown sand underneath my feet. Behind me was the mountains with palm trees sprouting out of them! The birds flew over my head and squawked at each other. I closed my eyes, smiled, laid back in my chair, enjoying the peace, and relaxed. Then after a few seconds, I became thirsty. I opened my eyes to get my watermelon smoothie sitting on the stool beside me, expecting to see the bright friendly sun smiling back at me. But, there was no sun! It was PITCH BLACK! I could not see anything! Then, I noticed something stranger! I was standing up! I was laying down on the chair a few minutes ago?!? I walked around, my arms raised up, trying to feel something ( If there was! ) There was! A wall, it felt rusty when I rubbed my hands against the cold, dry, crackling wall. I traced my hands against the wall following wherever it would end. Then, I felt a corner I walked faster wondering if the walls would lead me somewhere. I felt another wall. Then, another. Then, another, another, another, another, another, another. THEN! I realized! How could I have been so stupid!?!?! I was in a iron cube!!! I quickly looked around against the walls for an exit! I traced my hands all over the wall trying to feel for a door! After a few moments of going around in squares, no luck! I banged against the walls and screamed! A loud, sickening, eardrum splitting, shriek of rage! I DASHED towards a random wall, collided against the sheet of rust…and came out of the box! The wall was like a thin sheet of jello, as if it had been just replaced the rust like magic! I couldn’t breath while I was going past the magic gel of metal. The first thing I did when my head slid out of the cube was gasp! I could feel the fresh ocean salt air go down my throat, into my lungs! Refilling me with energy!
As I pulled the rest of my body out, I noticed something terrifying! I was not on in Florida! I was stranded on an tiny island, with only one palm tree on it, in the middle of the ocean!!! ( At least there was an sun!) I ran around the cube looking for my watermelon smoothie! I really wanted that drink! I don’t know why. But, I really did! I reached, and searched. But, didn’t find it! I was even more enraged! More than I was in the box! I looked up at the sky and screamed, a goose bump sprouting, head shattering, emo, Earth shattering shriek! The water around the island erupted! HUGE waves of salt water streaked high into the sky and pushed with omega amounts of force away from the island! and as quick as it started! The water returned to its calm place in the ocean.

I was breathing heavily, my eyes wide, drool pouring out of my mouth! I was going to dehydrate! I got up, my feet shaking! I looked across the endless, sparkling water. Then, I realized… I was not going to get my smoothie back. I started crying. I leaned against the side of the cube and let the fat drops of liquid drop out of my eyes and let them soak the bright brown sand at my toes. I whispered, “Please!”. Then, a shriek! from behind me! HOPE! A HOPE! I turned around and looked up and saw a silhouette of and giant..

Then I woke up!

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