Expository Writing: Falling

Aaaghhhh….. The wind….. Cool…. Against my face. The mountains are beautiful! I’m going towards them… Fast! Hugh? Oh No!!!! Nononononono! Agh. Splat! Urugagauyyy! Falling can be harmful sometimes!

You never know what could happen when you fall. For example people like to fall off of a cliff into the lake or ocean thinking that they’ll be safe. But, they don’t no that there are electric eels under neath the dark murky water. The first falls in. Smiling. Their butt landing at the bottom. And…. Aaaassagggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Munch. Munch. Zap. Zap! It’s sad to fall once in awhile.

Things can happen when you fall. Interesting things…. Also another reason it could be harmful is that your falling from an plane. 3000 meters in the air. And you expect that you’re going to land right on the trampoline under neath your feet, But! The wind gets tooooo strong and you get winded away! Then all of a sudden your in a nuclear bomb testing section, Section L! Your falling! Screaming like a girl! Gun shots going past you rapidly, bombs exploding under your feet! You turn your head! Towards the trampoline 500 meters way. Seeing your friends landing screaming at you, “Come baaack” and you see that one person AKA Mrs. Schoch that hates you like, “yyyyyyeeeeeessss!!!!!”
All of a sudden. A pineapple,from heavens rainbow and shining! Rocketing towards your face! Strike you in the eyes and nocks you out. Sometimes thing do not work out the way you want them to be. So my advise? If you fall? Fall in your pool.

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