The Dream 4

Last night I had a crazy dream when I was in the desert. Alone. Very little grass. The sun was baking me! Sweat sprinkling out of my arms from the heat! Wishing there was something to drink! I was just walking, not doing anything. Then after which seemed like forever from walking…. A HUGE brown rabbit! All of a sudden pops out from the earth! And charges towards me! I instantly dashed the other direction! I didn’t even have any emotions! That’s what it’s like for most dreams right? The rabbit lunged at me and I jumped too! I started flying! Weirdly! I was swimming in the air! Huh? Is that normal? I guess! I turned around to see if the rabbit was chasing me. What in the world!?! The rabbit was no longer a rabbit! It was changing! The half-rabbit half-blob, mushy and gooy. The thing started sprouting wings! The fur was shrinking back into its body or sides. Then a gigantic raven’s head bursted out of the mushy rabbits forehead! And the rest of the rabbits head shrunk back into the body! Jet black feathers started growing all over the body! Legs thick as tree trunks popped out from the bottom where the hind legs of the rabbit’s was! A long feathered even tail started expanding out of the back! A OMEGA RAVEN was flying after me in the air! I was getting really thirsty! As I was swimming in the air I saw that the bird was gaining! I started free styling! aaaaaagggghhhh! I’m gonna die! The birds beak opened! I was going towards inside the mouth of the beast! I frantically tried to escape! The two ends of the beak snapped down………and it was pitch black! I could not see anything! I thought to myself,” Am I dead? What! no this is a dream! Wait a second! Nooooooooooo!” I was in the Thing’s mouth! Then I felt the tounge! Dry and scratchy! Pushing me back into the monster’s throat! Then I felt the pressure of two sides of the throat squeeze me down. I tried desperately to fly out, but it was too late! I was already down the esophagus into stomach! I landed on a weird hard rock with graphite on it! The stomach! Wow! An amazing sight! The digestive juice was crystal clear purple, and there were dinosaurs and fish swimming around! Oak trees sprung out upside down from the top! Dogs with WINGS instead of legs somehow, gliding around, barking at each other! A piano was on the wall white and shiny, playing Mozart by itself! And every time a key was pressed down a yellow baby bird flew out of a tube on the side of the paino! The walls were light blue and ……. A drink! A white cup with a straw on the other side of the wall where the piano was, waiting for me on a wooden stool! Strangely the rock I was on accelerated toward the drink! After a while of exploring the wonders of the stomach, the rock finally made it to the side of the wall. I looked up where the stool and drink was! My mouth filling up with saliva! I was about to take a step on the wall when the stone I was on rose! I looked down wondering what it was doing! The rock, was not a rock! A tail whipped up from behind! Then, a head popped up from the depths! A long wrinkly green neck with a snapper! I was riding a giant turtle the entire time! The turtles head turned around at me and smiled! A nice, warm, safe smile! Then it turned towards the wall and lifted its right leg! It put the leg on the blue wall and then the other! I was hanging onto the turtles shell hoping that he didn’t knock me off! But, I knew that it would not knock me off because he seemed greeting and jolly! Then all of a sudden the hind legs of the reptile launched into the air! Then, the course of gravity changed! I was on the wall, on the turtle’s back, in the Thing’s stomach, in the desert, in my dream! It was Inception! Then I hopped off of the turtle’s back onto the blue “floor” and waved at the turtle! The reptile nodded at me and jumped into the “wall” and swam away! I turned around and Aaaahhhhhhh….. The drink! I dashed towards the stool. The closer I got the more thirster was! I was about to grab the drink then! The stool moved! The stools legs dashed away towards the trees! I dashed after the stool! “Why!” I thought, “Why does there always have to be a plot!” Then I felt a nudge of the bottom of my butt and was flung into the air!

Then I woke up.

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  1. Hi Kevin, my name is Kevin also. I thought that this was an interesting post, certainly nothing I have ever heard before. You sound like a very creative person. Last week I wrote a part of a story and would love to hear your take on it. Please come and visit my blog at Thanks, Kevin.

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