Thing I Want to do!!!!!!!

Drop stuff out of a high window.

Smash a entire house down with only 10 baseball bats.

Make a full movie

Tie a bunch of fireworks together into a huge one, stick a teddy bear on it and watch it go boom.

Pull a really scary prank on some one (I’m not gonna say who-cough! Mrs. Schoch- cough!)

Jump out of a plane into the Ocean; land on a shark, and ride it with swag

Swim with fish (About 1)

Make a school project about PRANKS!!!!

Fall into a pool of donut batter and try to get out

Have a pet coyote

Make a real voodoo doll of someone and make them do wacky stuff.

Get a battery and blow it up on a stove

Get a spoonful of cinnamon, and try to swallow it.

Get a paint ball helicopter, fly it in a office building, and shoot everyone

Sit on the road where it busy with a chair, a TV in front of me, wearing speedos and sunglasses

Pull a prank on people in a alley, when I have a sword and a mask

More coming soon…….