The Dream

Last night I had this crazy dream when I was at school and it was raining sour patch kids! The water fountains sprayed out green tea instead of water. I walk through the hallways noticing the lockers didn’t have locks, the lights where holes in the ceiling. People where fighting over a bags of gummies! I walked up to the cafeteria not even surprised. The food in the lunch line were plastic. I got a cheese burger and ate it! It tasted WONDERFUL!!! It tasted like strawberry short cake covered in dark chocolate! The computer room was replaced with a indoor pool of vinaigrette! There were halks flying above the school in circles. I went out side to get a better view of them and noticed that the school was upside down. Still not surprised. As the sour patch candies where hitting the top of my head. I saw a guy in a truck driving without any caution. I saw him hitting trees, the wall of the building, the trash cans, etc. I turned my head and saw a racing car parked. I walked towards it ignoring the chaos behind me. Hopped into the car and turned on the engine. The car exploded! I was still alive!!! Not suprised. As I climbed out of the car in flames. I walked around the car to see another car parked there. I hopped in and turned on the engine. This time instead of bursting into flames, I got soaked bad! The car started flooding! I tried to open the car doors. The wouldn’t open! This time. I was surprised! The water started rising! My heart started accelerating! I was panicking! My lungs started getting weak! The car was completely full of water! I banged against the windows hoping they would shatter! I looked out and saw someone! I banged at the window harder. Trying to get their attention! I screamed! Big mistake! Water started pouring through my lungs! I was dieing! In my dream! Why me? Why not somebody else? It’s my dream! I looked out of the window again knowing that nobody would be there. But! The person outside of the car saw me, rushed to the car! Swung the door open and pulled me out! I fell on the muddy ground coughing, vomiting, and crying. I would have died if that person hadn’t opened the door for me! I stood up. My legs shaking. I turned around to thank the person that saved me expecting to see a human being. But instead greeted by a monster with a giant mouth with hundreds of rows of drooling, mismatched teeth crooked and sharp as a Swiss Army knifes! I screamed! The thing lunged at me mouth open as wide as a car door! As I saw the teeth and drool surrounding my head.

I woke up.

Thing I Want to do!!!!!!!

Drop stuff out of a high window.

Smash a entire house down with only 10 baseball bats.

Make a full movie

Tie a bunch of fireworks together into a huge one, stick a teddy bear on it and watch it go boom.

Pull a really scary prank on some one (I’m not gonna say who-cough! Mrs. Schoch- cough!)

Jump out of a plane into the Ocean; land on a shark, and ride it with swag

Swim with fish (About 1)

Make a school project about PRANKS!!!!

Fall into a pool of donut batter and try to get out

Have a pet coyote

Make a real voodoo doll of someone and make them do wacky stuff.

Get a battery and blow it up on a stove

Get a spoonful of cinnamon, and try to swallow it.

Get a paint ball helicopter, fly it in a office building, and shoot everyone

Sit on the road where it busy with a chair, a TV in front of me, wearing speedos and sunglasses

Pull a prank on people in a alley, when I have a sword and a mask

More coming soon…….


There’s this really scary movie I want to see that’s called Friday the thirteenth. It’s about a handicapped boy that went to a camp lake and almost died by drowning, his mother thought the pat he drowned and blamed it on the camp councilors and wanted to get revenge but died trying while trying. The son, in the woods saw. He could do nothing about it and lived in the woods. When he grew up, he seeked for revenge.
Taking his machete ( I don’t know where he got it ) he …… Let’s just say eliminated some people.
As far as what I know, is still eliminating people.

He’ll come after you………