The Dream 2

Last night I had a dream when I was on a tricycle, riding down a steep road in a city. It was quiet and empty. I was pretty sure that nobody was there with me. I was covered by the shadows of the tall dark skyscrapers reaching for the sky. The sun was shining bright. All of the lights where off in all of the buildings. Then, all of a sudden I was accelerating faster and faster! I yelled out feeling like nothing could stop me! I heard my yell echo. I felt the impact of the wind against my face. I saw the towers fly past me with great speed! I looked straight ahead. It seemed as if the road was down hill forever! THEN, there it was. So terrifying, so horrid, so! Let’s just say bad news. A ripped out, wrinkled newspaper article. It FLEW past me in a snap! I turned my head around to get a better look at it! I saw nothing. “Whoooo!” I let out. As I turned my head around I was thinking, “I wasn’t real. I’m alone. In the city. Nobodies hear. I’m enjoying my dream. Feeling the wind aga- IT WAS REAL! I finally turned my head 65 degrees around and saw a giant armored van heading my way! I wasn’t alone! Behind the van was a city square shopping center! With more cars driving around and people! “Where did they come from?” I thought. The van was 100 feet away from me! It was heading towards me and I was heading towards it! I was not surprised that there was a van there all of a sudden somehow and let myself collide with the vehicle! I felt nothing during the impact! I was nocked out of my precious tricycle, flew over the truck, and landed on the road! I was rolling and rolling! It seemed as if it would never end! Every thing was going in circles! It was like every thing was getting sucked into a vortex! Then…. another car hit me and I flew into the air again! I looked back at the car to yell, Are you Texting!?!? But, noticed that it was the same van! I was puzzled. How would the same car hit me twice if it headed straight uphill? There was no other roads up the hill! I turned around in mid air and saw that I was about to crash into a H-E-B window! I put my head down shut my eyes and shattered the window! Again, I felt nothing! I went through the window and landed on top of a fruit pile! Miraculously nobody noticed me! As I tried to get up I felt like that I was loosing weight fast! I looked down confused and noticed I was not on the floor! I was rising upward to the ceiling! I was flying! I tried to move but I wouldn’t! I kicked my legs back and fourth. Still not going any where. Bang! I looked up and saw that I hit the ceiling with my head! I waved my arms. Whoosh! I flew straight up through the ceiling of the H-E-B! Nobody noticed me even if the parts of the building fell on there heads! They just kept on walking picking up food! As I flew up I noticed that the H-E-B was part of a building! I saw an school on the second floor, a wrestling ring where two guys were fighting and there was a huge crowd around them screaming on the third floor, on the 4 floor there was a room full of piles of Candy, etc. finally after I’m pretty sure the 193748474 floor, I flew out of the building! I was blinded by light! Up, up, and up I went! I saw below me the entire city! The first thing that I noticed was that giant city was in the middle of nowhere! I saw a huge circle of buildings and a tiny road coming out of it that went up hill forever. I started sweating. Then I realized I was still going up! I waved my arms and rocketed straight towards the square! The wind hit my body with such force that it ripped my shirt off! I was blind! I couldn’t see anything! I waved my arms again trying to make me stop! But, it didn’t work! I flapped my arms again. I was scared I was going to die again! I shut my eyes and waited for the impact that would wake me up! SLAM!!! I landed on the road! Next to the square! On my back. Not dead! I was exceedingly surprised! I was still asleep! I got up and noticed that I didn’t even make a mark on the concrete! The city was empty again, just like that! As I was looking down at the road I heard a roar! I turned around scared. There it was again. The VAN! 100 feet away. Covered in armor! Windows black. So you couldn’t see who was inside. I screamed. The van switched to drive and went head on! I turned around ready to run more my life and saw a motorcycle waiting there for me!

Then I woke up