The Dream 5

Last night I had an interesting dream… It was not like my usual dreams. I was in a empty store, a super market. It was trashed! Peanut butter jars were all over the floor of the aisles, carts were nocked over, everything was ruined! I walked over some weird looking bag of apples and ……. All of a sudden! All the carts melted! It was like the carts where in a 208274848272839 degrees weather. They all went I front of me in their liquid form. Red and sliver slide over the tiles, over junk and jam jars. Then, they forged into eachother. The carts where expanding and growing bigger. The blobs of silver and red where mixing together into a car! I saw wheels forming then a trunk, a top, windows then a motor! Then, it was a truck! Swirling alive with red and silver. The car surged forward with out warning! I dash the other direction with all the energy I had! I dashed past bread, olives, cereal boxes, and sour patch kid bags! I heard the car gaining speed. RRRRRRRRR! Then oddly I heard faintly back there……meow!

Then all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder like 10 tiny knifes stabbing my shoulder! I turned around just in time to see what it was before it scratched me again! I tiny kitten! Was clawing at my face! Then, I felt another sharp jab lower on my back! It was another cat! Where were the animals coming from? I turned a round and saw that the car had a catapult formed on top of the car; and there were cats in the car! Where did they come from? Like it mattered! I was running from a car in a giant super mar— what? There was carpet underneath me. Then, OOOFF! I fell over something! I landed in a chair and a some vase hit the back of my head! I got up, getting ready to dash when I realized. The car was gone! I stood up and noticed all the rows of never ending desks. All with computers and rolling chairs with papers stacked on them. I saw a bathroom entrance. I was in a office! I walked around checking my surroundings, just in case—meow!

It wasn’t the truck. Trucks don’t purr, I think. Oh come on! I forgot that the cats were on my back! Maybe I didn’t noticed them cause I was too shocked to find myself teleported in an office building all of a sudden! I shaked the cats off of my back furiously! The both of the kittens fell. I backed away! The cats started growling then all of a sudden! The eyes shone bright yellow! The lights stated flickering on and off. The cats’ sides were stretching towards each other! I started backing away faster. I already knew that something bad was about to happen. Cause it happens in all of my nights. The cats started combining like the carts back at the market! The cats heads shrunk inside of the furry blob of cat. The blob was expanding, growing bigger! I was running! My legs were moving so fast that you couldn’t see them! I turned my head around to see what was going on! The cat wasn’t there! That was strange. I ran into the stairway door and the lights went out!

Pitch black, couldn’t see a thing something fell on my head! I fell to the floor rubbing my head. It hurt. I picked it up and traced the shape of the object. It was a flash light, perfect! I flicked it on and screamed! A giant six legged cat that had a head so terrifying that you would pass out on the spot! It had four blazing eyes 2 on top of 2! The nose had three slits and had TWO mouths full of misshaped daggers! I swung the door open and jumped every 5 steps down ward. After a few seconds of head start, the door erupted and pieces of the building flew everywhere I ran with all my might down. And opened a office floor and ran! The cat crashed throughout the ceiling behind me! It’s six legs moving rapidly! It was gaining in me faster then the truck! I could hear its breathing right behind me! Then I made a choice. You know, I don’t want to die by being eaten by a mutant cat! So I quickly at the last second! Took a turn to the left. I heard the cat slip and take a turn as well, and I charged towards the window.

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